Meet our Trainers

Kevin Grantlin

I have been in the fitness industry for over 12 years. I have grown as a trainer to deliver a service that not only maximizes ones potential but brings out the best in my clients capabilities. When we train I focus first on general mobility and finding where you stand in strength and endurance. I’ve found that the sooner we find what motivates you, the sooner we will begin our journey to discovering the athletic inner voice that will drive you to a new level that some didn’t know was there. I’ve worked with ex-athletes, (soccer, basketball, football, and even figure skating) pregnant women, the un-motivated, even those who simply didn’t like working out. I will figure out through innovated fitness what will drive you forward, keep you achieving your goals, and best of all what will make you successful.     

  • 3X ISSA Certified
  • 6+ years as Training Director 
  • 3+ years as Independent Fitness Coach
  • Studied American Fitness Professional Association  
  • Experienced in Dynamic Exercise
  • Plyometric 
  • Body Mechanics/general mobility   
  • Corrective Exercise/correction of imbalances throught the body 
  • Core strengthening   
  • Group Class

Courtney Hammack

I first came into the fitness Industry April of 2017. Although my journey has been short so far, I have an advantage for starting at such a young age at 19.I have also seen a lot for my fist 8 months in the fitness industry. I have helped rebuild a gym up from rock bottom, and see how business can take off. I have learned a lot from my training director Kevin Grantlin. I first met Kevin Grantlin in March of 2017. He was introduced to me as my coach before he was my director. As soon as he started training me I explained to him how I was always interested in the fitness industry, shortly after he took me under his wing and had me start “grinding.” I was amazed to how quickly everything took off. I was at first helping out with memberships for the gym, cleaning the gym, helping bring on clients for Kevin, working in sales for products, working as a communication specialist, and shadowing Kevin. I have shadowed Kevin for about 270 hours, here I learned a lot of training techniques. I am now focusing mainly on growing my cliental, but still also helping with the gym and shadowing. I have been coaching for about 5 months now. I am Currently going to school for exercise science as well as working 30 hours a week, while also currently finishing up my ISSA Certification for personal training. My journey hasn’t been easy. Lots of people around me have doubted the career as a whole, but I have stayed dedicated to what I believe I was blessed with walking into. My goal is to help get everyone to their goals in life physically and mentally and get my clients to a healthy and confident lifestyle! I have been in the shoes of not feeling confident about my body image and know how that feels, so I would love to help provide the confidence that makes you feel good about yourself!! My goal is to know everyone on a personal level first, this way I know what your goals are so I can make up a fitness program that will help get you there the best way possible.